Tracking transformation savings

By on 15/09/2009 in News

A report that is due to be discussed at the Co-ordinating Overview and Scrutiny (Finance & Performance Sub-) Committee on Friday (September 18) has attracted some coverage in the local media.

As part of the council's commitment to tracking the £1billion-plus benefits that Business Transformation offer, regular reports are being produced to highlight the progress being made.

Media reports correctly suggest that approximately £30million of the target savings of £42million may need to be subject to further work to ensure they are realised during the 2009/10 financial year.

The stories also acknowledge that it is expected that the amount that is “at risk” will reduce significantly as the financial year unfolds - as the figures quoted only relate to the position as of May of this year.

However, the articles do not cover the key point that any benefit that is not achieved this year will not be lost, as it will carry over into future financial years.

They also do not mention that in total it is projected that £82.182million of Business Transformation savings are forecast in 2009/10 and that of this figure, just under £40million has been already achieved due to work completed in previous years.

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