Transforming Adult Social Care

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At present, the council is in the midst of the largest and most ambitious transformation programme of its type - which, when complete, will provide residents with modern, efficient services that are fit for the 21st Century.

The Adults and Communities directorate is pursuing the national agenda of Personalisation. Personalisation is a move away from ‘one size fits’ service delivery; towards giving service users far more choice and control of the services they receive, with support plans that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

The council has worked on these plans in full consultation with the unions, and it is simply not an option for our services to stand still as they are.

Times and demands have changed, and the council is fully committed to embracing advances in technology to ensure that the very best services are provided for the taxpayer at all times.

Day centres for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Collingwood Day centre in West Heath and Aldridge Road Day Centre in Perry Barr are closing.

There are currently 237 full time places across the 9 council day centres that are unoccupied; this is clearly not the best use of resources.

Elderly Person's Homes Closure Programme

There were originally 29 Elderly Person's Homes in Birmingham, and the plan was to close these and replace them with 10 care centres. Four have now been built and the programme is being paused to determine whether the remaining six will be needed as more people choosing to stay in their own homes for longer. The building programme was also due to be financed in part by the sale of the land occupied by the old homes. Falling land prices mean that this is no longer practical in the current economic climate.

Staff were given statutory notices of potential redundancy in January and June 2009 respectively. A full support programme has been developed for staff that may be affected by the changes.

The social care workforce is actually growing, at a rate of 8% nationally. Of this, the number of staff working in local govt has decreased from 228,000 to 221,000. Conversely, the number of staff working in the independent sector has increased from 998,000 to 1.07 million. The number of Personal Assistants has increased from 113,000 to 152,000.

Adults and Communities department restructure

Consultation started on Thursday 26th November 2009 with Unions.

The council are reducing the spend on staff in order to maximise the spend of public money on care services and on specialist training of staff.

Approximately 500 redundancies are expected, involving Administration staff, Management, and Senior Management.

Meals on Wheels

On the 6th April 2009, Cabinet took the decision to change the way the Council provides access to a 'Meals on Wheels' service. In a two-year process, it was agreed that from early 2010 the frozen meals customers would be signposted to a list of preferred local suppliers. Whilst the hot meal customers would be referred to one or more external contracted suppliers for a two-year period commencing in early 2010 before the hot service moves to a full signposting model in 2012.

While other Local Authorities have chosen to scrap their meals service completely, the council are planning to continue the service with an external provider.

Staff have known of the proposals for some time and have been consulted with throughout this transition towards the new services.

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