Update – fire at Bramber House

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UPDATE – 8am (April 6)

We have been informed the clean up of the communal area is complete and work is ongoing to resolve the power outage.

Increased security was put in place overnight and extra police patrols were requested to ensure the site was safe.

Offers of alternative temporary accommodation continued to be made to those requesting it. As stated in previous updates, some residents chose to stay with families and friends and we understand some may have remained in the building despite offers of other accommodation.

Housing staff and others – especially emergency housing duty officers/local housing officers – were at the scene in the very early hours of yesterday as previously reported and throughout the day they worked with residents to resolve this very difficult situation.

This is the last update on this incident from the Birmingham Resilience Team.

UPDATE – 3pm (April 5)

Housing department staff, electricity firm E.ON, relevant contractors and other emergency services are continuing to deal with this incident on site.

Our latest information regarding the power outage is that the damage to the building’s power supply is considerable and that full repairs are estimated to take two days.

The local housing team is working with tenants to ascertain their interim requirements.

In total, there are 33 properties in the block. Some tenants have requested temporary accommodation and this is being arranged as appropriate. Others have opted to remain with family and friends elsewhere. The team is ensuring that any mobility or special needs are addressed.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Our latest information indicates that there were six hospital admissions across three local hospitals. All patients were admitted for observation re smoke inhalation and have all been successfully discharged.

Further updates will be provided as and when available.

UPDATE – 8.35am (April 5)

At approximately 3am this morning (April 5), Duty Officers from the Birmingham Resilience Team (BRT) were notified of a fire at Bramber House, Stokesay Close, Longbridge.

Up to 40 people were evacuated to nearby Culmington Hall, a neighbourhood community centre. Four residents were admitted to hospital for observation.

The fire started in the multi-storey block’s communal area, in the electricity mains cupboard and was bought under control relatively quickly allowing residents to return to their flats by approximately 5am. Some residents had in the meantime found alternative accommodation with family or friends.

The building is now subject to a power outage whilst the exact cause of the fire is investigated and the electricity supply restored by the relevant contractors. It is anticipated that electricity should be back to normal by around lunchtime today.

Culmington Hall has and will remain open and residents will be able to access the facility for refreshments. Housing officers will be supporting and advising residents throughout the day.

BRT Duty officers will continue to monitor and liaise with housing duty staff throughout the morning and assist with any ongoing issues. One of the BRT Duty Officers has been at the scene since approximately 4am this morning.

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