Updated Green Paper on Adults Social Care

By on 29/10/2013 in Service Reviews

The first Green Paper on Adults Social Care, published in June 2013 was based on an in-depth review of the service.

The review acknowledged:

  • There are some people who will always require care. By virtue of birth, or through disabilities acquired through life, some citizens will need the council to make arrangements to meet their needs in ways that are dignified and safe
  • For some people this includes residential care. The city council needed to ensure their safety and wellbeing and to promote the necessary values of compassion and shared civic responsibility
  • The council is legally obliged to fund and arrange for the provision of assessed eligible care needs. There are various ways in which these care needs can be addressed, and this is a key part of this review, extending current actions being taken to achieve agreed savings
  • Not everyone who is currently in the care system needs to be there. Birmingham is placing too many people, with all types of needs, residential and nursing care. This is a reflection upon the current quality of housing, community and employment options. Yet the outcomes for people from this high cost and high end system are poor. Regardless of the financial context, there is a compelling case for urgent change based on our ambition to do better for people
  • The vision should continue to be driven by a narrative of transforming to improve the outcomes within resources. This requires a transparent and honest approach to set out what citizens can expect.

The key is therefore to build upon existing approaches to reduce the demand for care and to find new ones.

Click here to download the updated Green Paper on Adults Social Care

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