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By on 07/01/2010 in Blog

This is the first in a new series of blogs covering life inside the Birmingham City Council press office…

It's snow joke in the Birmingham City Council press office when temperatures drop.

As well as flurries of snow – which we all find irritating as we struggle into work – there are flurries of calls from journalists all keen to get one up on their rivals with a different angle to a story that is quite frankly as predictable as winter following summer.

But who could predict one of the cheekiest requests to come from the big freeze, if not of all time?

A journalist, loved by people across the Midlands, contacted us to ask if the council could do their organisation a favour by gritting their car park.

This is the same journalist that would be the first to launch an attack upon the council for not keeping the city moving during times of freezing temperatures.

As they know, we have a detailed winter maintenance plan, which so far (fingers crossed for the future) has enabled traffic to flow freely.

In fairness, most media outlets have been sympathetic to the challenges we have faced, and many have said nice things about the work our gritting crews have put in for 23 consecutive days and nights.

Also in the interests of fairness, we can only hope that this responsible period of reporting continues - and that much like the emergency services, we aren't swamped with irrelevant and non-important calls.

Just how many candy floss sellers are there in Birmingham? My editor really needs to know! Please tell me Mr Press Officer…

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