Voters urged to check they are on the register

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With local elections and the referendum on the voting system looming on May 5th, potential voters who have moved or turned 18 during the last six months are being urged to ensure they protect their right to vote by checking they are on the electoral register.

In order to be eligible to take part in the polls, all citizens must be registered under their current address on the city's electoral roll before it closes - on 14th April.*

Birmingham City Council is urging local people to act now to protect their democratic right to vote, as they may run out of time otherwise.

Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive and Returning Officer for Birmingham City Council elections and Regional Counting Officer for the Referendum, said: “That every individual within the city who is qualified to be on the register is able to exercise their right to vote is one of the most fundamental pillars on which our society is built.

“I'd urge anyone who is in any doubt about whether they are on the register or not to get in contact and make sure, as once the roll closes there is legally nothing we can do if they are not.”

Last Autumn the Council ran a mass canvass of every household in the city, seeking to ensure all entries on the register were up to date. However anyone who has moved to, or within, the city since that time will not be properly recorded on the register unless they have filled in the appropriate forms to let the council know of this change of address.

Voters already registered to vote by post at their current address do not need to make a new application.

Polling for both votes will take place on Thursday May 5th 7am-10pm, with voters being urged to stagger their visits throughout the day and avoid a last minute rush.

To inform the council of a change to your details on the electoral register go to or call the elections office on 303 2731 before 14 April.


*The right to vote in the referendum is based upon General Election rather than local election eligibility - for example is open to EU citizens on the Birmingham electoral register.

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