Warning issued over illegal vodka brand

By on 24/11/2011 in News

Birmingham City Council is warning members of the public not to drink an illegal brand of vodka called Drop Vodka, which has been found on sale in some shops across the country over the past weeks.

Following an alert  by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consumers are being advised not to drink the vodka because it is not registered by any company in the UK and could be harmful.

Usually, food and drink goes through rigorous testing before it is placed on the market but because ‘Drop Vodka’ is not registered, it has not been through this process, so the Agency cannot be sure what is in the product.

Tests carried out by local authorities have identified the presence of Propan-2-ol and methanol in some

Other tests have found that the product does not contain enough alcohol to be called vodka. Legally, vodka should contain no less than 37.5% alcohol but 'Drop Vodka' has levels of 28.6% alcohol. There are also some labelling issues with 'Drop Vodka', particularly the lack of producer's details, which are needed to ensure that the vodka is fully traceable.

If consumers discover any ‘Drop Vodka’ on sale, they should contact

‘Drop Vodka’ has been found on sale in small independent retailers, corner shops and petrol stations, but there is also concern that pubs and clubs may have been targeted.

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