Wheelie bin consultation begins

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***June 3 update – the online survey is now closed***

A six-month consultation on Birmingham City Council's plans to introduce wheelie bins for refuse collection was launched today (February 25).

A full consultation process was, promised last year by the council after it won £29.8million from the Government to preserve weekly rubbish collections.

An online consultation for all residents has kicked-off the process, with paper-based copies of the document being made available in the near future at all 40 city council libraries and 21 customer service centres/neighbourhood offices for those who are unable to use computers.

This will be supplemented by a host of measures in the coming weeks and months, including:

-    Consultation through the Citizens Panel
-    Consultation with specialist groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly, Registered Social Landlords, Housing Liaison Boards, and Conservation Areas
-    All 10 District Committees and the Ward Committees in the two pilot wards - Brandwood and Harborne
-    Pre and post- wheelie bin delivery face-to-face consultation with a sample of residents in the two pilot wards

The feedback gained from all of these channels will be used to shape the final scheme, which will see the current system of sacks and boxes eventually replaced by two wheeled bins for every household, with an optional third for green waste. There will be exemptions where wheelie bins are not appropriate.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “This is another step towards putting our recycling and rubbish collection services on a sound financial footing.

“We have been clear from the outset that we will listen to citizens as we shape the finer points of the scheme - and we have also been clear that this process is not about if we have wheelie bins, it's about getting the best wheelie bin scheme for Birmingham.

“I urge people to get involved over the coming months because the more information we get, the better chance we have of making the city as clean and green as possible.”


For more media information contact Kris Kowalewski on 0121 303 3621

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  1. Dean says:

    Why is a 6 month consultation required! I don’t know anyone in the UK who hasn’t got wheelie bins apart from Birmingham. We must have the most useless council EVER!!

    • geoffc says:

      Dean – we are determined to ensure we get the best possible scheme for Birmingham. Therefore we need to hear from as many people as possible, in a range of ways. This six month consultation period will include the pilot scheme being run in Brandwood and Harborne.

  2. Hugh and Sheila Wilkes says:

    We have nowhere to store wheelie bins.
    We are both disabled and would not be able to move the wheelie bins up the steps on our path onto the road.
    We are happy with the present system as we can manage the boxes. We recycle everything possible and find the present system allows for this.

    • geoffc says:

      Hugh, Sheila, Mandy – We fully understand that this will not be a one size fits all solution. In other areas where wheelie bins have been introduced, they are rolled to more than 90 per cent of home. This consultation will help identify properties that are not suitable, and we welcome feedback from residents with concerns, via the survey we have launched.

  3. mrs.dutton says:

    I strongley agree with having wheelie bins. The present scheme is not practical. Recycling in open blue and green boxes without lids causes rubbish to over flow,fall out and cause mess. Bin men also tip the recycling into one wheelie bin before emptying into the lorry, causing rubbish to overspill onto the pavement, which does not get picked up ,I have not seen a road sweeper in months in my road, rubbish is strewn everywhere, especially on recycling days. Recycling is also sometimes left in the bottom of the boxes, so they are already part fu
    L before the next collection in two weeks. The boxes are also thrown down once emptied,both of ours are cracked. Not the most hygienic or practical of collections. If we had wheelie bins, at least they would be contained with a lid on top, less likely to spill over and the bin men being able to put it into the lorry without spillage. I have been out myself on bin days to clean up after recycling as mess has been made.

  4. Mandy says:

    I have 4 big steps from my property up to the road who is going to pull the bins up them?

  5. Paul Stanley says:

    Why do I need to answer questions about sexual orientation/ethnicity/religion when responding to a survey about wheelie bins? I love the way the questions are phrased so that at no point can you respond to say you don’t want the introduction of the bins. Bore’s Folly is what the scheme should be called!

    • geoffc says:

      Although we do ask those questions, as part of the effort to make the feedback as informed as possible, you will have also noticed that “prefer not to say” is an option to every question in that part of the survey.

  6. Richard Clarke says:

    At last some sense comes to Birmingham Council way too long overdue. There is a real RAT problem in the area of Birmingham I live in and I purchased my own bins a while ago to cut down on the amount of food rubbish left lying around. Wheelie Bins will I’m sure help keep the Rat population down; and that can’t be a bad thing.

  7. Richard Morris says:

    It would make searching this site easier if you settled on either ‘wheeled bins’ or ‘wheelie bins’.

  8. Cyril says:

    Note the line from James McKay which virtually says that residents are going to be bullied into having Wheelie bins,if they like it or not.An absolutely disgusting way for a ‘ tyrannical ‘ councillor to behave.Watch his laughable Wheelie Bin propaganda video on line if you can find it ?Happy smiling people putting their rubbish into ugly looking Wheelie Bins and then along side we have shots of black bags that have been ripped open.Does this guy think we are all stupid ?We might see a black bag ripped open once in a blue moon in my area but not the impression James McKay is giving.
    As many in my area live in terraced houses with small gardens front and back we have no place to store 3 monstrous wheelie bins and many around here work away from Birmingham, during the week,so these vile smelling Wheelie Bins will just have to stay on the pavements because I won’t be hauling them around I can assure you of that !! Only now ,because there is so much opposition do they decide to hold a consultation period to try and soften the blow of implementing of this scheme.An absolute shambolic process of getting us all to fall in line.What jokers they are and then they want to charge you more to remove your green waste when many pay an enormous amount of council tax.I am livid with this Labour Council and why don’t collect the outstanding £90 million council tax owed by people who won’t pay up ?

  9. Cyril says:

    ..and just to add I also filled in the survey on Wheelie bins and then was asked what sexual orientation I was and what is my religion ? What the hell has that got to do with wheelie Bins ? It is impossible to take this survey seriously or is that the idea ?For asking such stupid questions…mind your own business !

    • geoffc says:

      Although we do ask those questions, as part of the effort to make the feedback as informed as possible, you will have also noticed that “prefer not to say” is an option to every question in that part of the survey.

  10. molly says:

    the council web-site’s questionnaire was found by accident, in our house. if i never go to the library, how would i know about it?
    why has this survey not been given more prominence?

    • geoffc says:

      This has been extensively covered in the local media. There are links to the survey on this website and the main council website. It will also be promoted in the next edition of Forward (to be published next month). Finally, we have promoted on a daily basis via our social media channels.

  11. Cyril says:

    Why are there so few comments on here ? It is because anything seriously negative about the implementation of wheelie bins is moderated out,like my last contributions were ?

    • geoffc says:

      The only comments that we refuse to publish are those of an abusive or personal nature. Your first comments were posted less than two hours ago and have been approved. Take a look through the website and you’ll see we do not censor critical comments.

  12. Cyril says:

    Thank you for your reply Geoffc but why ask these ridiculous questions in the first place ? It is not relevant or has it anything to do with the council or about a survey on wheelie bins !

    • geoffc says:

      The equalities questions are standard questions in our consultations and do help us segment the results. But of course we do offer the option not to answer those particular questions.

  13. Cyril says:

    Sincere apologises to you geoffc………I returned to the webpage a little while after I posted and couldn’t find my comments, as they were obviously still awaiting moderation.Thanks for your reply.

  14. Cyril says:

    With all due respect ( and in your answer to Mollys great question about why this survey has not been given more prominence ? ) many people , particularly the elderly I know, have no access to social media channels or do they buy a local newspaper.

    What is the point of having one massive great black ugly wheelie bin ( amongst another 2 ) when some residents,as I do,only have one black bag of rubbish each week and when the rest is recycled by means of public recycle bins dotted around local areas ?I can’t say I think that this is at all cost effective to council tax payers.To my mind this whole idea has been badly thought through.When I write to James McKay I am told to discuss it with the officers that apparently will be visiting every home.Surely as the wheelie bins is his baby ……why can’t he give me direct answers to simple questions ? His propaganda video is of no use at all to me.Btw I couldn’t care less if other councils have wheelie bins,,just because they have them does not mean they are right for Birmingham !

  15. C Dittrich says:

    The front of my property is on a slope so that there is no safe place for wheelie bins without blocking the front entrance. There is a step to the side of the property with a soakaway drain immediately in front so that a bespoke removable ramp would be needed to move wheelie bins from the side of the house to the footpath. I have a worsening health problem which will eventually mean that I will be unable to push bins up the slope. Also it will not become advisable for me to go outside to the footpath every time I have rubbish to dispose of.
    At present I can manage the boxes because they are small.
    If green waste removal has to be paid for I can predict that there will be more garden bonfires outside the allowed months, green waste will be fly-tipped, green waste will be added to black household rubbish bags and there will be serious traffic jams trying to get to Lifford Lane.
    I have asked my Councillor, Caroline Badley, to obtain figures showing the write-off cost of the existing boxes, the cost of collecting them for disposal etc. I have been sent only broad figures, which do not provide the requested information and which I consider to be a bit high-handed.