Wheelie bin delivery – clarification

Media reports today are covering the fact that a Cornish-based company are assisting with the roll-out of wheelie bins across Birmingham.

Here is the council’s full response to the issue:

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “There are only a very small number of companies nationally that can distribute wheelie bins on the scale of the roll-out being undertaken here in Birmingham – and none of them are based locally.

“A tendering process was carried out and only one firm bid for the contract.

“Approximately 30 staff are engaged on the current roll out, the fourth and final supported by our contractor since the roll-out began last year – and half of these are sourced from Birmingham employment agencies.

“The rumoured staff figures are very much wide of the mark and it would be misleading for anyone to suggest the council makes accommodation arrangements for its contractor on this project.”

Extra points of note

– The way bin delivery companies operate is that they bid for such contracts around the UK. To service the contracts, they have a core of workers who are transported to different councils so they may, for example, be working for three weeks in location, then four weeks in another and so on as different councils fit in their different bin delivery programmes.

– Looking at Birmingham’s programme in isolation, there have been five phases, each of between two and eight weeks duration over a period of two years.

– The reality of trying to do this with just local people is that the council would need to recruit and train people for a phase of the roll-out and then lay them off for several months, and then recruit and train again for the next phase of the roll-out etc. This would not be an effective way of working.

– Working for Driveline, the workers have consistency of employment and gain experience as the company moves from one contract to another around the UK

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There Are 2 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Robert harris says:

    how come every one in fallow walk woodgate have get a bin but from 28 to 56 have been told we can not have one told me why this is

    • Kris Kowalewski says:

      Hi Robert,

      We have been clear throughout the wheelie bin roll-out process that there is not a “one-size fits all” approach to their introduction.

      Situations such as the one you explain have arisen as a result of decisions taken at a depot level on the grounds of operational efficiency, to ensure that the most effective service possible is delivered to households.

      Hope this helps.