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Budget Views Week 1

Budget Views Week 2

Budget Views Week 3

Budget Views Week 4

Budget Views Week 5

Budget Views Week 6

Budget Views Week 7

Budget views week 8

Budget Views Week 9

Budget Views Week 10 – 13


Letters BVL12001 – 004

Letter BVI2005

Letter BVI2006

Letter BVI2007

Letter BVI2008

Letter BVLI 2009

Letter BVLI 2010

Letter BVLI 2011

Letter BVLI 2012

Letter BVLI 2013

Letter BVLI 2014

Letter BVLI 2015

Letter BVLI 2016

Letter BVLI 2017

Letter BVLI 2018

Letter BVLI 2019

Letter BVLI 2020

Letter BVLI 2021

Letter BVLI 2022

Letter BVL12023 Public Law Solicitors Response

Comments received on Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres consultation report

Balsall Heath Children’s Centre

Doddington Green Children’s Centre

Four Dwellings Children’s Centre

New Hall Children’s Centre

Six Ways Children’s Centre

Fox Hollies Chilldrens Centre

Leaps & Bounds Childrens Centre

Various Childrens Centres part 1

Various Childrens Centres part 2

Lillian de Lisa Children’s Centre

Bloomsbury Children’s Centre

Comments received from Youth Forums

Young People’s Forum – Dame Elizabeth Technology College, Bournville

Young People’s Forum – Muath Trust

Young People’s Forum – Quaker Hall, Northfield

Young People’s Forum – Summerfield Centre

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