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Click to view City of Culture e-card

Click to view City of Culture e-card

Click on the link below for your chance to help shape Birmingham’s bid to be the UK’s first City of Culture in 2013.

The website invites members of the public to share their ideas for the City of Culture bid.

If Birmingham is shortlisted, a formal bid must be submitted later this year and organisers want the people of Birmingham to have their say.

Chairman of the Birmingham Cultural Partnership Cllr Martin Mullaney said: “Birmingham has always been an exciting and innovative city and we're sure people across the city can play a significant role in shaping our bid to be the UK City of Culture in 2013.

“The most exciting element of this is that there's no way to predict what will come out of the consultation. People can log onto the website and take us off in all sorts of creative and wonderful directions.

“The important thing here is that this is a Birmingham-wide bid - it's not just about the council or the many high profile arts and cultural organisations in the city.

“We want people across the city to make their mark so individuals and organisations from the grassroots up can be part of the Birmingham story.

“If you have ideas, please log onto the website and share them. If you don't have an idea at the moment but are interested in the process, log onto the website for inspiration.”

Some of the latest ideas

Shabana Kaus: It would be nice to have a huge venue eg a global village where there can be many different types of cultural activities from all communities.

Tim Stimpson: As much as grass-roots activities are important I would love to see some of the big names in the world of art and culture reclaiming the city as their home. Most of our regional cities have stars who are proud to shout about where they have come from - Peter Postlethwaite doing Lear as part of Liverpool's year of culture comes to mind - but this doesn't seem to happen so much here.

Ramona Kauth: Acquire the Staffordshire Saxon hoard for the Midlands and participate with other Midlands museums to study, display and treasure this wonderful discovery. We can all learn so much about the history of the Midlands and Britain through this means. The Hoard belongs here and should be the centre piece of anything showing how proud we are of our history and culture.

Caitlin Quinn: As a city Birmingham should be able to show what life is like now a days, in the world we life in, the diversity of ethnic races and cultures that Birmingham has to offer. This is the way to truly become the city of culture, not by adding anything or taking anything away just showing what Birmingham already has so many things to offer.

J.Thornton: We need big street events that are really well publicized. Let's have some big creative arts events in the public squares and small groups of street performers dotted around the city centre. I never feel that there is any real spirit for fun in Birmingham yet that spirit must exist within the people. I think the city needs to liven up and make a visit about more than just shopping.

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