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Birmingham's green ambitions have today (November 29) been underlined after the city was re-elected as the lead for a major environmental body.

Just four days after the city's Green Commission published its Carbon Roadmap, the council has been chosen to chair the EUROCITIES Environment Forum for a further 12 months.

The city's first year as chair saw key developments and contributions on European air quality standards made to the European Commission, along with work on vehicle noise and emissions.

Additionally, the Forum also ensured that the EUROCITIES voice was heard in the United Nations climate negotiations in Warsaw last week (November 20-21).

 In the coming year, the Forum will continue to argue the role of cities as key drivers of sustainable development across Europe. The priorities agreed for 2014 include energy efficiency, climate change adaption and resource efficiency.

All of these priorities are linked to green growth to provide new job and investment opportunities - cornerstones of the Birmingham Green Commission's Carbon Roadmap, which outlines how the city will cut carbon emissions between now and 2027.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, will continue as the lead for the EUROCITIES Environment Forum on behalf of Birmingham.

He said: “Birmingham's re-election means the city will be in the driving seat when it comes to ensuring the quality of life is improved for Brummies and many other people across the continent.

“If we get our approach to environmental matters joined-up at a European level, the local benefits are enormous. Jobs in the emerging green economy will be created, fuel poverty will be cut, and the general environment will be a better place in which to live.

“I am looking forward to the year ahead with enthusiasm and hope we can keep up the momentum we have gained over the last 12 months.”

In March 2014, Birmingham will host a joint meeting of the EUROCITIES Environment and Mobility Forums at the new Library of Birmingham and Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

This will provide an opportunity to discuss and present the Green Commission's Roadmap and also the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan to European Commission experts and policy makers, as well as other European cities.


Notes to editors

EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities. Its members are the elected local and municipal governments of major European cities.

EUROCITIES was founded in 1986 by the leaders of six large cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam.
Today, it brings together the local governments of over 130 of Europe’s largest cities and 40 partner cities, that between them govern 130 million citizens across 35 countries.

Through six thematic forums, a wide range of working groups, projects, activities and events, the organisation offer members a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

It influences and works with the EU institutions to respond to common issues that affect the day-to-day lives of Europeans.

Its objective is to reinforce the important role that local governments should play in a multilevel governance structure. EUROCITIES aims to shape the opinions of Brussels stakeholders and ultimately shift the focus of EU legislation in a way which allows city governments to tackle strategic challenges at local level.

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