Defiance, enthusiasm and commitment from our social workers

By on 10/06/2016 in Blog, News

Dave Hill, president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, visited Birmingham social workers in the wake of the recent Dispatches programme – and found defiance, enthusiasm and commitment.

In his own words…

“Last Friday I visited social workers in Birmingham council’s New Aston House – subject a week previously of a Dispatches programme critical of their work. As I left London in the pouring rain after days without sun, it was heart-warming to arrive into Birmingham welcomed by bright sunshine, blue skies and a real buzz about the place.

“I am conscious of the never-ending stream of visitors in local authorities including politicians, commissioners and Ofsted so I wanted my visit as president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services to be less onerous. I wanted to show solidarity with social workers, hear their views and demonstrate that as leaders of children’s services we recognise the difficult but important work they do each and every day with children and families.”

Read his blog in Community Care magazine in full here:


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