What makes us Brummie?

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The Social Cohesion and Community Safety overview and scrutiny committee will this afternoon discuss “What makes us Brummie?”.

Written evidence for the inquiry can be found here: http://ow.ly/dNjBg

This afternoon’s meeting will be streamed live here: http://www.civico.net/birmingham/bcc-webcasts/863

Tweets from this afternoon’s meeting will use the #mybrum hashtag

Sample comments

  • There is fantastic heritage in Bham, and so many great people that should be celebrated and remembered.
  • If we could combine the pride in the past with the future vision of the younger people then we can truly be proud of the Second City!
  • Brum isn’t like London, its more down to earth, people are friendlier and chat with people out of genuine interest
  • Birmingham’s true value going forward is that we are the youngest city in Europe!
  • The theatre life is fabulous and much cheaper than London , as is the superb variety from THSH again at silly prices when compared to other so called major cities
  • Brummie’s are forceful, forward thinking people, who initially come to the city because they feel Birmingham is unique in the opportunities it can offer them.
  • Most outsiders think everyone from Birmingham talks with what we would consider to be a ‘black country’ accent
  • In Birmingham we have always had an influx of new communities, be they Jewish, Irish, Muslim,Welsh, West Indian etc and initially they has been a lack of understanding …
  • Once people are brought together on a one to one basis they realise that there really is very little difference in anyone’s core values
  • In Birmingham it has always been possible for people to settle their families, practice their religion, and develop in freedom and with pride.
  • I read a tweet that said 'being Brummie is knowing where to go for a Balti'. That sums it up for me.
  • As a city we must unite all of the communities in order to rekindle the spirit of Birmingham and create the sense of a unified belonging which is the Brummie spirit.
  • Birmingham has a diverse and constantly changing population of just over one million residents, with over half of people aged under 35
  • The ethnic make?up of Birmingham is significantly more diverse than the UK as whole.
  • As a city packed full of different cultures and nationalities, eating out in Birmingham is like a gastronomic tour of the world.
  • With a diverse resident population of over one million people, Birmingham offers businesses the opportunity to draw upon vast experience and a multitude of skills.

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