Rebuttal on cost of funerals and burials

By on 13/08/2015 in News, Rebuttals with 2 Comments

A number of media articles and items have appeared over the last few days based the alleged cost of funerals and burials in 15 UK towns and cities.

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Food waste in Birmingham

Cllr Lisa Trickett has responded to campaigners calling for food waste recycling to be introduced in the city

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“Buskers ban”: a clarification

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Use of amplification by buskers, street entertainers and speakers An item broadcast on BBC Radio WM earlier today (5 June 2015) referred to a ban on ALL amplified noise in the city centre when in actual fact the city council is consulting on the possible introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order to reduce noise […]

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Correction: Child sexual exploitation report

By on 18/03/2015 in News, Rebuttals with 0 Comments

A report in today’s Birmingham Mail (March 18) inaccurately claims that ‘almost 500 children in Birmingham and the West Midlands have been identified as victims of sexual exploitation in just six months’. The report is based on an assessment into the extent of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the West Midlands is published today to […]

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Wheelie bin assessments – the facts

By on 11/02/2015 in Rebuttals with 0 Comments

A number of recent media articles have suggested that online street view maps are the only informaton source used by the council to assess if properties are suitable for wheelie bins or not. This is misleading – as all streets have been visited in person by city council officers. The following is a statement on […]

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Matrix SCM care package micro-procurement system – a clarification

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There have been numerous reports in both the regional and national media this week about Birmingham City Council’s contact with Matrix SCM regarding care packages being sent out electronically to care providers. In particular, the reports have focused on the idea that elderly and disabled people’s care requirements are being ‘put up for auction’ on […]

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Spend on agency staff – a clarification

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An article in today’s Times covers the issue of council spend on agency staff. The article outlines figures which show Birmingham City Council has spent the most nationally since 2010. However, the article links this to staff being rehired after being made redundant by councils. As part of our response to the Times under the […]

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Hackney Carriage and private hire drivers’ tests – rebuttal

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Reports featured in local media on 16 June 2014 stated that Birmingham City Council is planning to introduce changes to its communications and local knowledge tests for Hackney Carriage and private hire drivers. It was suggested these revised tests would be applied retrospectively to drivers who are already licensed, and that the council intended to […]

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Trojan Horse 'gagging orders' – rebuttal

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The Daily Mail has today published a story claiming that we have imposed ‘gagging orders’ on ex-teaching staff in relation to Trojan Horse claims. This is not true. We would like to take this opportunity to make it absolutely clear that any compromise agreement does not prevent ex-teaching staff from bringing forward any claims or […]

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Nelson Mandela book of condolences: clarification

By on 14/12/2013 in Rebuttals with 0 Comments

In response to the story 'A shabby way to honour Nelson Mandela?' in today's (Dec 14) Birmingham Mail: See statement below from Birmingham City Council which was not used in full in the article. A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “Identical books of condolence were used following previous notable deaths. The book on display […]

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