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In addition to offering one of the first online Social Media Platform Radio Stations from the Centre of Birmingham, Rhubarb Radio delivered the Hello Digital international conference from Millennium Point. This event included the provision of Life and interactive feeds from Singapore, Seattle and Rome. This world wide event was hailed a success for the region.

Throughout the year we realised that there was a need for a new kind of online democracy engagement platform, which also integrated new social web tool to enable people to attend conferences and democratic event and also to actively participate within them. This area of our work operates under the Civico Live banner. Working with WM creative’s Rhubarb/Civico have gone on to develop a highly innovative unified application, an animation of which can be seen here www.CivicoLive.com

Civico Live recently covered the Personal Democracy Forum from the Barcelona (PdF) and has become the forums world wide partner and shall be covering their main event from New York June 3-5th 2010. We are currently working with several councils across the Midlands and the UK to provide a live streaming service with integrated social media integration.

The West Midlands ICT Cluster has named CivicoLive as one of its first 3 ‘rising star’ innovative technology companies. they write, ‘Civico, based at Birmingham Science Park Aston, has developed CivicoLive, an online democracy engagement platform which enables councils and public-facing organisations, through their meetings, conferences and events, to actively engage with citizens’.

Rhubarb Radio is an alternative, locally contextualised visual radio which harnesses convergent technologies and social media to provide a digital platform for participation, experimentation and innovation in the Arts and Digital Democracy; supports emergent talent, extends reach and provides pathways to Learning, Training and Career Development through the arts and digital engagement.

The Rhubarb Radio project aims to deliver social gain by supporting the Midlands creative industries, promotes cultural and digital inclusion and economic development for the region. It enables communities with new ways to connect and redefines what we think of as Community Radio for a generation immersed in online living. In the last three months alone Rhubarb Radio has attracted 25,000 new listeners for locally produced media content.
CivicoLive is a practical and real time online democracy engagement platform.

Rising to meet the growing trend for open government, Civico specialises in enabling local councils and public-facing organisations, through their meetings conferences and events, to actively engage with citizens through their innovative live streaming system and its integrated social web app.

Technology and the social web are dramatically changing democracy; opening up the process, engaging citizens in a new dialogue, delivering greater access and transparency and re-engendering trust in the political process. The Civico platform enables this dialogue and brings the conversation together to a share the stage.

 Our creative passion for democracy is at the heart of everything we do.

We are inherently inquisitive about new approaches and practices for democratic participation; constantly monitoring the latest advances in technology and trends to ensure we provide the most compelling, effective and cost saving service.

We are always innovating to move forward the CivicoLive system: blending expertise, experience and a dedicated team, to provide councils with a complete democratic engagement system.