Future Waste Strategy – consultation clarification

Media reports today are suggesting citizens could be asked to consider the concept of fortnightly waste collections when consultation on the city’s Future Waste Strategy starts next month.

The city council would like to clarify its position as follows:

– The grant awarded to the council in 2012 by the Government that helped introduce wheelie bins required the city to maintain weekly household waste collections for a minimum of five years (i.e. 2017)

– The council’s latest four-year budget plan was approved in March 2016. There are no budget lines in the various tables of savings that relate to changing the frequency of waste collections.

– The Future Waste Strategy will shape the way forward for a generation when it comes to how we manage waste created in the city. From our current position we know we need to reduce the amount of waste generated, we need to reuse materials and items wherever possible, and we need to recycle more (as our current perform lags behind many other towns and cities).

– The Future Waste Strategy is starting with a blank canvas. Nothing is ruled in or out, and there are no “red lines”. We know one size may not fit all in a city with so many different neighbourhoods. But absolutely no preferred ways forward have yet been identified. The consultation and engagement process will shape what we do.

– The consultation survey is still being drafted, so there is not yet a final set of questions.

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